Acai Berry Supplements – Pros and Cons

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Acai berry! Acai Berry Cleanse! Acai berry extract! I have literally been coming across these names since I began researching on health and diet pills… So, a couple of weeks ago I planned to look deep into what it really is, what effects it claims to deliver and what it really delivers. Today, in this article, I will majorly focus on assessing the product by the viewpoints of those using it; it’s pros and cons…

What is it?

pure acai berry capsulesWell, starting with the main ingredient – Acai berries; they are purplish colored berries that have gone a long way in the past in providing remedies to many digestive problems by its anti-toxin abilities. The berries extracts have now been transformed into dietary supplements in combination with a few other ingredients to promote better results, and also for the ease of intake.

Acai Berry Cleanse is a scientific formula to cleanse human digestive system and  helps it to get free of any extra matter that might be clogging the tract. It claims to promote reduced bloating, increased regularity and a consider weight loss in just a matter of days. The products gently flushes away toxins and waste from our body, purifying our digestive system and intensifying healthy colon functioning. Side by side, it also cuts down any excess fat that is present in your gut.


Just to assess the working of the product I went around to research on what people from various age groups, who’ve tried it, say about Acai berry. Here is a list of a few important opinions that people gave about it, feel free to check through these and add your own via the comment box.


“I have tried the product several times with several months of a break in between… Earlier, I was using it to improve constipation. Now I am using it to lose weight too. I need to lose 20 lbs. pure acai 700 mg sunday expressThis is my 4th day, and I feel awesome!! My stomach looks like it’s been reduced already!! I kind of have several bowel movements with no straining or cramps.  I have noticed that in the past couple of days, my appetite has lessened. I use to eat a whole sandwich everyday for lunch and I could only eat half of it today!! And I have always professed never to give up my tea and its incredible that I am losing my taste for it.”

“I have a really big difficulty losing weight since I have passed my 40s and have been trying for years to find a way to cut down my fat. I have been on Acai Berry Cleanse for 3 and a half days. Today, when I stepped on the scale it showed how great the product us!! 10 lbs less!! OMG!! I had to go back off and on 3 times to confirm the result…


“Just after going through some of the reviews of the product, I though of giving it a try. After all, it was to be a mild treatment to cleanse my system. I was working out, and at the same time consuming lots of the product just to ensure that it really worked or not. Nothing actually happened for the first couple of days, however on the third day my tummy was cramping badly. I knew I would have to reduce my consumption. I soon saw blood in my stool which freaked me out, so I began to research on the ingredients and found that Acai Berry Cleanse contains Cascara Sagrada powder who’s over-consumption is sensitive to some people.”

“My body feels so much healthier after using Acai! It did give me loose stools and I did come down to two in the morning and one in the night. After using them though I think this would be a great product for me to use 3-4 times an year.”

Pros Of Acai Berry Cleanse:

•    Quick weight loss
•    Colon cleanser
•    Has antioxidants – anthocyanins and flavonoids
•    Easy consumption
•    Reduced stress
•    Promotes healthy bowel movements

Cons Of Acai Berry Cleanse:

•    May soften stool
•    May lead to constipation
•    Bowel discomfort – if taken in more than desired amounts
•    Some people might be allergic to Acai and related berries

Acai berry supplements have really overruled many other similar supplements in the market (no doubt). Millions of people are using it over and over again because it has really worked for them. I personally bought the product and used it for a couple of weeks and trust me, I felt fresher and more rejuvenated. It’s something to try for everyone out there; just a piece advice – initially lower your intake to check if its suiting you, before you go on to use it regularly… Good luck!


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