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Goji Berry

A native shrub from China, the goji berry has been consumed raw, cooked or dried as a part of the typical Chinese diet. They are also used in herbal teas, wines, juices and as medication for ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, fever and age-related eye problems. These berries are filled with powerful antioxidants that according to scientific research may prevent cancer and heart disease and boost the immune system.  In fact, a study published in the Chinese Journal of Oncology in 1994 records that 79 people with cancer responded better to treatment when goji berries were added to their diet.

For those who are concerned with delaying the appearance of wrinkles, goji berries are just the thing for you! They minimize damage on the cells caused by free radicals thereby slowing down the aging process. Some studies also suggest that goji berry contributes to brain health and protects it from Alzheimer’s disease.

Many people have claimed that the goji berry has other benefits besides those mentioned above although there is not enough evidence that the fruit has such abilities:

  • Lessens the occurrence gout attacks,  back pains, bladder problems
  • Makes skin more supple and decreases appearance of warts
  • Aids in hair growth
  • Protects the liver
  • Improves blood circulation, sexual function and fertility

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Goji Advance

Goji Advance is a weight loss pill which contains goji berries known for their antioxidant property. It has been used by Hollywood celebrities it has been featured on BBC and in magazines all over the world.


    • Goji Berry (Lycium Barbarum)
    • 19 Different Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are utilized by every cell in the body. Goji berry contains 8 if them which very essential to life.

    • Vitamin C

As you might know, Vitamin C boosts the body’s immunity from all sorts of diseases such as the common cold and hastens the body’s ability to repair wounds. It is also common knowledge that this vitamin keeps teeth and bones healthy. Besides this, it lowers blood pressure therefore lowering the chances of hypertension, heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases from happening.

The lens of the eye requires Vitamin C to function properly and for it to be guarded from cataracts. With regards to lead toxicity, Vitamin C is crucial for people with high levels of lead in their blood as it prevents kidney damage and high blood pressure. Goji berries contain more Vitamin C than oranges!

    • Antioxidants

Goji berries have the complete range of antioxidant carotenoids as well as beta-carotene and zeaxanthin. It is the ultimate source of carotenoids.

    • B-complex Vitamins

The B-complex vitamins are a combination of Vitamin B1, necessary for converting carbohydrates to glucose, and Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and Biotin which convert glucose to energy. Vitamin B complex promotes the healthy functioning of the nervous system and digestive tract and keeps skin, hair and nails in good shape.

    • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which is vital for protecting the skin from harsh elements from damage from pollution, UV rays and free radicals. It is also used to treat certain skin diseases, scars, age spots and stretch marks.

    • Essential Fatty Acids

It is very important to know that weight loss does not necessarily involve the elimination of fat from diet. This can be very hazardous to the body as Essential Fatty Acids (EFAS) are crucial to the body’s proper functioning. EFAs are responsible for doing the following:

        • Proper functioning of the thyroid, nervous system, liver and immune system
        • Regulation of hormone production, cholesterol and blood clotting
        • Formation of healthy cell membranes, skin and hair
    • Betaine

Betaine enhances physical performance by breaking down fat and protein. This helps you lose weight and enforces your muscle tissue. In addition, it contributes to liver and heart health and prevents dehydration.

    • Green Tea Leaf Extract

The extract generated from green tea lowers both LDL cholesterol and the chances of obesity—which may further lead to a reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease. Polyphenols in the green tea dissolve sugar and fat in the liver and small intestine.

    • EGCG

EGCG makes you lose body fat in three steps: it increases you metabolism, hastens fat burning and reduces fat storage. When combined with caffeine in green tea, this causes the nervous system to release fat in the bloodstream to be utilized as fuel to be used for burning body fat off.

    • Caffeine

Caffeine has been used as an ingredient in many weight loss pills for its ability to burn fat, suppress appetite and prevent water retention.

    • Chromium (as polynicotinate)

Chromium is a very good natural supplement used in weight loss therapies and medications. It is generally used when you want a head-start to lose your weight and drastically regain a good body. Or in the case when you have reached a flat period where your weight is not reducing further even after a hard regime or work outs. Then you can easily consult your doctor and ask him to prescribe some supplements of chromium. Here chromium acts as an active trigger to disturb your body environment. Unlike other diet pills the element chromium never suppresses your diet to reduce the weight but it improves efficiency of insulin which consumes sugar from the body to produce energy which is far more a better option than the previous cases.

    • L-Theanine

Found in green tea, L-Theanine counterbalances the effects of caffeine on the body. It improves mood, reduces stress and helps aid in concentration. Individuals who take L-Theanine are shown to have higher mental alertness with minimum stress.

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  • Other elements:
    • Gelatin
    • Magnesium Stearate
    • Cellulose


    • Makes You Lose Pounds Fast
    • Requires Less Gym Exercises
    • Alleviates Metabolic Syndrome Disability
    • Boosts Immune System
    • Increases Energy
    • Improves Circulation
    • Increases Metabolism
    • Money Back Guarantee
    • All Natural
    • MFG In USA


If you are taking blood thinners such as warfarin, and anti-diabetes and blood pressure lowering drugs, it would be best to consult with your physician since the possibility of herb-drug interactions may cause problems. Other than this, Goji Advance is considered safe to use.


Goji Advance ranks fairly well in terms of efficacy as a weight loss pill except for one small drawback. Regardless of this, however, it is something dieters all over the world still recommend when wanting to achieve the fit and active figure everyone dreams of having. It’s never too late to change your old, unhealthy habits. Make Goji Advance a stepping stone to a healthier, happier you!

Your Very Own Goji Advance


Get your Goji Advance here, best price !

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