Curb Your Appetite with Hoodia Chaser, including an objective Hoodia Chaser review

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Hoodia Chaser—what is it?

Hoodia Chaser is a popular appetite suppressant that comes from a succulent plant called Hoodia Gordonii that grows in the scorching African Kalahari desert. It comes in a liquid form and is reported to be 90% more effective than other diet pills that use the pulverized version of Hoodia Gordonii. Since its formula is fluid, the body can absorb it more efficiently and quickly.

What is it made of?


A small, cactus-like plant that grows in the arid places of Africa, Hoodia Gordonii has been consumed by San Bushmen for hundreds of years for its ability to curb hunger during their long hunting trips. Aside from resembling a cactus, it has also been likened to a dill pickle with spines on it. It takes four to five years to mature and be ready for harvesting. It is also called xhooba,Ghaap, khoba, hoodia cactus and South African desert cactus.

Hoodia Gordonii has been featured in the television show 60 minutes in November of 2004. According to CBS, scientists say that the plant has the ability to suppress appetite by fooling the brain into thinking that the stomach is full. Although there are more than 40 species of Hoodia, only the Gordonii species are known to contain the appetite suppressing compound.

After 30 years of scientific investigation, the researchers at CSIR isolated the active ingredient in Hoodia. It was a steroidal glycoside which was later named P57.

There are no known side effects with Hoodia Gordonii intake. As proof, Tom Mangold, a BBC News correspondent, reported a feel-good, almost aphrodisiac feeling after eating the plant.

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Magnesium is crucial to more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body including muscle and nerve function, healthy immune system, stable heart rhythm and strong bones. People who have diabetes, especially those   may be at risk of increased magnesium loss caused by hyperglycemia.


Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit-bearing tree growing in the forests of India and Thailand. In the late 1960’s scientists discovered that its fruit and rind contain Hydroxy Citric Acid, an acid similar to citrus fruits. According to their findings, Hydroxy Citric Acid aids the body in storing glycogen in the muscles and liver which in turn controls hunger pangs. Garcinia Cambogia has long been used in Ayurvedic practices and as a dietary supplement for weight management in Southeast Asia.


It has been consumed in the East for thousands of years for its many health benefits. It is very rich in antioxidants and purges the body of toxins. Green tea is a natural stimulant. In fact, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that it significantly increases energy usage and contributes to fat oxidation.


Hoodia Chaser has a unique blend of plant-based digestive enzymes which contain protease, amylase, inverlase, lactase, papain, bromelain, cellulose, lipase, and maltase. It also contains glycerin, grape flavor, water and alcohol as constituents.

What if I have medical issues?

It is never too bad to be cautious when choosing the right dieting supplement. With the number of products out there, it is extremely hard to find one that perfectly fits for you—one that not only delivers great results but is affordable and does not have any serious side-effects.  Hoodia Chaser is made from 100% natural ingredients. It does not contain addictive substances such as caffeine, stimulants and edephrine. For people who consider themselves prone to allergy attacks caused by wheat, peanuts, shellfish or dairy products, there is no need to fear. Hoodia Chaser has not even a small bit of any of these!

For those of you who are still skeptical or may have some medical conditions which might be reasons for concern, it would still be best to consult your physician.

Does it really work?

Hoodia Chaser guarantees nothing but fast and visible results. Unlike pills and tablets which might take ages to work, this product proves to make you lose weight in less than two weeks. All you have to do is put two drops of Hoodia Chaser liquid mixed in with one glass of water.

It basically functions through appetite suppression, making your body feel that your stomach is full despite consuming lesser calories. This takes place together with increasing your metabolism thereby making you shed the excess fat that is on your body in the first place. Dr. Ricard Dixey of  Phytopharm explains that glucose shoots up in the mid-brain to signal the body is full but in the case of Hoodia Chaser, a chemical called P-57 which is about 10,000 times more active than glucose sends signals the brain faster thereby cutting your urge to eat. With this combination, you get to see a smaller reading on the scales in a lesser amount of time!

How do I make sure that I’m buying the real deal?

The makers of Hoodia Chaser only use pure 100% South African Hoodia Extract and are confident to show that they have the credentials to prove their product’s authenticity unlike others which may just be hoaxes.


Hoodia Chaser is as effective as it promises so long as you take responsibility in taking the weight loss supplement and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A few drops are enough to suppress you appetite and carvings. It should not be treated as a miracle drug of some sort since it cannot thin you out overnight and if you note any adverse effects, you should probably stop using the drug. But if everything else is good to go, don’t hesitate to chase your dreams of a fit and fabulous body with Hoodia Chaser!

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